Saturday, August 04, 2007

19th Nervous Breakdown

Jeff G. has another meltdown in a comment thread at his site. I don't know what this is about, I don't want to know what this is about, I just thought I would post it here. Because of the civility!

Comment by Jeff G. on 8/3 @ 4:09 pm #

Okay, Timmy. I’ve given you way too many passes.
Go, and don’t return.

You annoy the fuck out of me, to the point where you set my teeth on edge.

And now you’ve essentially called me homophobic because I don’t support same sex marriage. I don’t care about homosexual sex, and I’m perfectly willing to compel the state to provide the same protections to gays it provides for heterosexuals, but because I don’t believe in redefining marriage, that’s just a tortured back door into my queer hatin’.

Fuck you, you miserable, caterwauling prick. Fuck you and the fucking fuck you fucking rode the fuck in on.

As to what I really said to you, I asked if Sanchez was still a whore. Or if whores have some problem with their eyesight or hearing. Or their ability to recall.

And if so, what causes it? I jokingly asked if you thought they were diseased. But you are so stuck in your own miserable world of constant contradiction and poorly wrought sophistry that you didn’t even take the force of that jibe.

Now go. Away. And don’t come back.

You bring nothing of value to any conversation you enter, and the more you write, the dumber we all become for having read through it.

Piss off.

TW: “revulsion act.” No, it’s not an act. So fuck you too.

Susie Essman called. She wants her shtick back.

And then there's this:

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