Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Things that make you go hmm

Madam: Vitter a client at Canal Street brothel
Posted by Times-Picayune July 10, 2007 6:04PM
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U.S. Senator David Vitter visited a Canal Street brothel several times beginning in the mid-1990s, paying $300 per hour for services at the bordello after he met the madam at a fishing rodeo that included prostitutes and other politicians, according to Jeanette Maier, the "Canal Street Madam" whose operation was shut down by a federal investigators in 2001.

John Ashcroft: making a federal case out of sin

Conservative religious doctrine also seems to entice Ashcroft into making the Justice Department a federal vice squad. From April to September 2001, the FBI ran a wiretap on the Knock (N) Shop, a brothel in New Orleans, then busted the prostitutes in a federal crackdown. Missouri's Jefferson City News Tribune declares in a June 9, 2002, article that this "brothel investigation has some wondering why the FBI made a federal case out of it." The paper then asks, "Why [are] the FBI and federal prosecutors so interested in prostitution, a crime normally left to the local district attorney?"

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Mad Man Mikey said...

a fishing rodeo that included prostitutes and other politicians

I've long suspected that politicians were nothing but prostitutes. This writer seems to have confirmed it for me.