Friday, May 18, 2007

Least appetizing headline

Here it is, courtesy of the San Francisco Bay Times, the worst headline in campaign '08 so far:

Giuliani’s Tent Vs. Romney’s Stool
By Chris Crain
Published: May 17, 2007

The Republican presidential race is shaping up as a contest between two visions for the party, and only one of them includes you.

Rudy Giuliani has finally come out of the closet. After weeks of campaigning by constantly changing the subject to 9/11, “America’s mayor” decided last weekend to address head-on how out of step he is with the party on social issues. In a speech last Friday at Houston Baptist College, Giuliani made his case for a new GOP that focuses more on fighting terrorism and growing the economy, and less on fighting other Americans on guns, God and gays. He won a standing ovation from the conservative crowd by arguing, much as John Kerry did to Democrats four years ago, that terrorism and the economy are not only more important; they will decide who wins the White House.

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Mr. said...


Good work getting a link from Athenae. Personally a story about Romney's stool isn't really that interesting, but that's me, I'm not into that stuff.


P.S. You know of course that only a gay/lesbian news paper could have gotten away with this. I would enjoy seeing this in the Mainstream press. Do you think they would get it?