Thursday, May 10, 2007

Fact Check, aisle one!

Here's a bit from John Podhoretz's latest, in the NY Post:

May 8, 2007 -- Hillary Clinton is twisting herself into a pretzel on Iraq. Her latest effort to find some way to appease the Democratic Party's anti-war base is a proposal for a vote to "deauthorize" the war.

Her proposal is unserious - and consciously so. There has never been such a vote in all of recorded history, and there won't be one now.

Wikipedia time:

To those members of Congress who did not consider the resolution to be imprudent, the administration's position now made it seem meaningless. Rescinding it ceased to be controversial, and a provision to repeal it was attached to a bill that Nixon signed in January 1971.[11] Seeking to assert limits on presidential authority to engage US forces without a formal declaration of war, Congress passed in 1973, over Nixon's veto, the War Powers Resolution, which is still in effect. It describes certain requirements for the President to consult with Congress in regard to decisions that engage US forces in hostilities or imminent hostilities.

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