Saturday, March 10, 2007

Debate Cancelled

The Dems finally wised up and cancelled their debate that was sponsored by the Fox Noise Channel.

Reno Democratic candidates forum canceled

A Democratic presidential candidates debate planned this summer in Reno was canceled Friday, according to party officials.

The debate, scheduled for Aug. 14, was called off after Fox News President Roger Ailes made a joke Thursday comparing one of the Democratic candidates, Sen. Barack Obama, to Osama bin Laden, because their names sound somewhat similar.

"In light of his comments, we have concluded that it is not possible to hold a presidential debate that will focus on our candidates and are therefore canceling our August debate," according to a letter to Fox from U.S. Sen. Harry Reid, D-Nev, and Tom Collins, chairman of the Nevada Democratic Party.

Well, that's the official reason. Beltway insiders say there was some sort of problem with the security arrangement.

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Librocrat said...

Who actually thought a debate on Fox News was a good idea? Why would they bring revenue to a "news" station that literally makes things up, and never, ever in the favor of the Democrats.