Saturday, January 13, 2007

Voting Machine Demonstration

On Thursday, January 11th, The New York City Board of Elections had a demonstration of electronic voting machines. I went and took some pictures.

Citizens inaction.

This guy is the Lord High Muckety Muck of NYC elections

DESI, DESI, give me your answer dooooo...

A New Yorker sticking it to The Man. That's The Man, on the right.

The true face of evil. I somehow thought the Diebold guys would look... eviller.

Sequoia voting machine. Yes, it leaves a paper trail.

Avante voting machine. Complete with paper trail! Me like!

Lessons learned:

All of these allegedly scary voting machines leave a nice paper trail.

The NYC Board of Elections has a hot babe working for them WHO WOULD NOT LET ME TAKE HER PICTURE.

It's pronounced DEEbold, not DYEbold.

No matter how much fuss people kick up about voter fraud, only about a hundred senior citizens will show up if you give the citizens a chance to pick a machine.

I need a new camera.


Thers said...

I think it's great that you have a blog!

ntodd said...

I want pictures of the hot babe. Otherwise, this blog sucks.

Soprano said...

Nice work, TKK.

The Kenosha Kid said...

The hot babe is actually in the background of the Q&A time picture.

Xan said...

Your evil machines are better than our (Tennessee) evil machines. No paper trail here.

However since you do not have Corrente on your blogroll I am boycotting your site in a fit of pique.

Just to make things easy we would fit equally well under "Eschatonians" (we were the first-season spinoff fer chrissakes! not to mention ChiDy is all ours[gloat gloat gloat]) or under "Liberal Elites." Because, well, we are.

Your choice. Thanking you in advance &c. :)