Thursday, January 18, 2007

Little Lulu's Excellent Adventure

Malkin's back from Baghdad. So far it's been a disappointment: one NY Post column composed of the usual boilerplate about painted schools and heroic troops. Plus some videoblogging with Mini-Me Michelle hilariously scuttling after the troops.

Fortunately today Malkin posted a link to a Flickr page full of fun fotos.

Here is Michelle and her partner in crime in some palace or other. Note the little American Flag on the table.

And here is a pic of an average Iraqi child who really supports the troops, so take that, you damn lieberals! A more cynical person than me might suggest Malkin carried that little flag around all day and stuck it in that kid's hand, but I know how hard Malkin has come down on the Emessem for staging media events and "fauxtography," so that would be unpossible.


Anonymous said...

i'm definitely more cynical than you.

i believe malkin not only brought the little flag with her. she probably brought the little boy, too.

his name is most likley matthew blankenship, and he lives in queens, ny. he wants to be a dentist when he grows up.

Anonymous said...

I think she brought the flag, too. You know, I believe Dirk Gently, too. I think she brought the boy, too:)