Friday, December 15, 2006

Better than Atrios

I am adding two new blogs to my blogroll, and I would just like to point out that they are both better than Atrios (in that they haven't banned me yet).

First up, five-time Jeapordy champion Sinfonian's blog, Blast Off!

Next, there's self-taught left leaning expert on everything Dirk Gently's blog, Albatross!

Both blogs end in an exclamation point. Both are better than Atrios. Both allow me to comment.


Anonymous said...

While I have never been tossed out of a blog I have been yelled at (e.g. Mickey Rooney of all people) or physically threatened by (e.g. Wilt Chamberlain) by some celebrities. And I have also been tossed out of many restaurants.

My advice is not to take it with anger but see it as a mark of distinction and quality on your part.

As if you needed any advice from this end...

Anonymous said...

Ah, better than Atrios; damned with faint praise. You might enjoy todays Albatross.

res ipsa loquitur said...


chautauqua said...


The Kenosha Kid in GR is thought to be none other than Orson Welles.