Sunday, November 26, 2006

The Midas Touch

Officer in Bush motorcade accident dies

HONOLULU - A motorcycle officer injured last week while escorting President Bush in the islands died Sunday, police said.

Steve Favela, 30, and two other officers crashed their cycles as the presidential motorcade was traveling across Hickam Air Force Base to meet troops for breakfast early Tuesday. The other officers were treated at The Queen's Medical Center and released.


In a separate incident, a fourth solo motorcycle officer crashed and injured his wrist when attempting a U-turn on loose gravel while escorting the president on Monday night. He was also treated and released.

Also during the president's 16-hour stopover, a White House staff member was hospitalized early Tuesday after being mugged by three assailants near Waikiki Beach.

I remember during "Decision 2004" there was a story that went around about Kerry crashing into a Secret Service agent while snowboarding, then calling him a 'sonofabitch.' Somehow I feel that this particular tragedy isn't going to get as much coverage.

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