Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Best 9/11 Memorial

Truck Honoring 9/11 Appears At Top Of MIT Dome

(CBS4) BOSTON It is a long standing tradition, and this year, students at MIT also commemorated the fifth anniversary of the September 11 attacks.

On Monday, students mysteriously placed a 25-foot fire engine on the roof of the school’s 150-foot high Great Dome. The phrase “memininum,” which means “we remember” in Latin, appeared on the truck’s side.

According to an MIT student Web site, the bright red truck was placed there in memory of the attacks.

The students are the ones who put the prank up, but the school is in charge of taking the annual props down. This year, MIT police received a 15-page instruction pamphlet on how to take apart the fire truck.

Since the 1920s students and alum have been pulling off these kinds of pranks on the Cambridge campus. In 1994, the dome was dressed up as a red and white beanie with a blue propeller.

Link - with video!

Official hack site - with pictures!

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