Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Playing by Their Rules

If you followed the Deb Frisch Affair, or even remember the Ward Churchill brouhaha, then you are already familiar with the method the right-wing blogosphere uses to demonize the left. In short, they take someone who has made shocking or vulgar statements, and appoint that person to be the new spokesman for liberals everywhere. Even though it is usually someone no one has ever heard of. My feeling is that turnabout is fair play. So now let me present the new spokesman for the right:

"If I felt anything remotely wrong, I'd drop in. But before I could get a word in about my health concerns, he'd sit me down and go on about Hillary Clinton and lawyers being the scourge of the United States.

"America was the best place on Earth - the land of opportunity - [Bartha] always said, and he really was convinced that liberals had a plan to undermine the future success of the United States, that Hillary Clinton was going to bring down the country."

That sounds like typical right-wing stuff, no? So who said it?

It's "Dr. Boom" who blew up his own townhouse and is further proof that right-wingers are UNHINGED! Remember - if right-wing bloggers don't start apologizing, it means they support Dr. Boom. Their rules.


Anonymous said...

I was told to visit your blog, and I'm glad I did.

Very good point, too. If O'Reilly can make Ward Churchill a typical liberal, this guy is a typical conservative. In this case, it has the added virtue of being true.

spocko said...

Check out Salon's article by Joe Conason today about Melanie Morgan and the thugs at ksfo.