Tuesday, June 13, 2006

I Know You Are, But What Am I?

So some Marine writes a mildly offensive song called "Hadji Girl." It has a chorus that goes "Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad" which is not only offensive, but also ripped off from Team America: World Police. A video of him performing this song gets on the internets, and CAIR objects. Which is basically what they are supposed to do. But the funny thing is that now the right-wing outrage machine is gearing up, and THEY are offended that CAIR is offended. LGF jumps in. Malkin jumps in. The P___e E___r jumps in. It's becoming as predictable as disasters following Bush; any time someone is offended, the wingnuts jump in and THEY are the ones who are REALLY offended.

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