Sunday, May 28, 2006

Another "traitor"

Senator vows probe into Iraq civilian deaths

By Paul Eckert
Sunday, May 28, 2006; 11:50 AM

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - A senior Republican Senator vowed on Sunday to hold hearings on U.S. Marines' role in the deaths of up to two dozen Iraqi civilians last November as a leading Democratic war critic alleged a military cover-up.

The U.S. military is investigating the November 19 incident in Haditha, about 140 miles northwest of Baghdad. The military has said 15 civilians were killed, while other accounts put the number at about 24.

Senator John Warner told ABC news the Senate committee he heads would probe "what happened and when it happened and what was the immediate reaction of the senior officers in the Marine Corps when they began to gain knowledge of it."

Gee, I wonder if this guy will get attacked the way Murtha did.


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Eli said...

Stupid liberal pussy Warner.