Thursday, March 02, 2006

When Wingnuts Attack

They attack indiscriminately, aiming their poison darts in any direction. First up, it's Debbie Schlussel, going after, heh heh, the head Swift Boat Liar:

Apparently, when something says "World Net Daily Exclusive," it means World Net Daily Rip-off. That's the case, with Swift Boat author, Jerome Corsi, who today in a WND piece demonstrated that he is nothing but a full-fledged plagiarist. A thief.

I will enjoy this mud wrestling match between two of America's Worst People.

Next up, Malkin flip-flops on PortGate:

Last week, I wrote "They are all profilers now"--mocking Democrats for their expedient embrace of profiling to exploit the ports fiasco. This week, I'm sick of conservatives playing the race card to attack skeptics of the ports deal.

You would think that an apology to Democrats would be in order. You would think wrong.

It's one thing for feckless grievance-mongers on the Left to accuse Americans genuinely concerned about national security of Islamophobia. It's quite another for the Right to sink to such a level in accusing all good-faith critics of demagoguery. Reasonable people can disagree on the process pitfalls and security implications of the deal. But the elite Right, has simply lost its marbles:

Democrats are "feckless grievance mongers." Republicans are "genuinely concerned about national security," "good-faith critics." Whatever. Apparently she's shocked, shocked, that she has been accused of the same "Islamaphobia" charge that she hurled at us feckless types just last week. Hence the tortured logic. If she can't stand the heat, she shouldn't have dished out the stitch in time.

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