Monday, February 27, 2006

That's why they call him Crazy Davy

There is an article up on about the resignation of Harvard president Larry Summers. As the book Harvard Rules explains, Summers has had an extremely difficult administration, marked by continual squabbles with the faculty, and constant criticism that he is divisive and something of a publicity whore. Of course the wingnuts are jumping on this case, turning it into another episode of the Evil Jews Liberals Who Are Brainwashing Our Children Show. And absolutely the dumbest comment so far has been made by David Horowitz:

"These universities have been taken over. It's 10 percent who got rid of him. They're hardline Stalinists. They're not liberals."

The Harvard faculty are Stalinists? Do they plan on increasing coal production through a Five Year Plan? Do they plan on collectivizing the farms? Do they plan on starving millions of Ukrainians? Why credible news organizations feel the need to get the viewpoint of this lunatic is beyond me. Doesn't it occur to anyone at CNN to tell him to STFU while the adults are speaking?

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