Thursday, February 09, 2006

Lack of Irony

Today on The Kenosha Kid's Obsession with Debbie Schlussel -

Darlin' Debbie displays the most acute lack of irony ever seen in wingnuttia. Despite the cutesy nicknames (Frankie Fig, Clueless Condoleeza, etc.) that the reich wing are so fond of, her first post is a surprisingly good take-down of Bush era incompetence. Apparently one of the Immigration and Customs people in charge of investigating sex crimes is - wait for it - a convicted sex criminal. Pretty good so far. But then I scrolled down to something else she also posted today, and I was shocked, shocked by the hypocrisy.

It's bad enough that illegal immigrants in Mexican Army uniforms are attacking Border Patrol Agents. But now, Al Gore's Harvard roommate is doing it, too.

Actor Tommy Lee Jones, who has been Gore's friend since Harvard, directed and stars in "The Three Burials of Melquiades Estrada." This movie is an outrage.

Not only does the film portray illegal aliens as nice, innocent, abused people; but Border Patrol Agents are portrayed as evil, cold-blooded murderers of illegal aliens who do nothing else but masturbate to Hustler Magazine.

How dare those Hollyweird liberals portray immigration officials as perverts! Only wingnut bloggers are allowed to do that!


phinky said...



P. Drāno said...

Well, how else are you to treat illegal aliens who do nothing else but, etc.? They've come to America not to work but to wank, apparently.

Mikasi said...

Speaking of right wing weirdness am I the only one noticed that a the wife of a citizen who was secretly spied upon by a government was recently eulogized by a republican who secretly spies upon citizens? Is this irony, dark humor or just coming full circle?

freq flag said...

Man, I can't wait to find out what Li'l Debbie has to say when The Minutemen show up and start opening fire on anything that moves.

BTW, Kid, I've seen your handle around the internets and was always a little envious that I didn't grab it. I always loved that bit of wordplay in GR--it was one of the few passages that I could comprehend and remember the first time through.

Good luck with the blog!