Thursday, January 19, 2006

Torture (Not Torture)

I was catching up on my NToddcasts today, and while listening to the one called Maybe Then I'll Fade Away And Not Have To Face The Facts I heard a little audio clip of Rush Limbaugh, and his OUTRAGE about recent events:

I WAS LIVID! When I, when I heard about, before I had seen anything, I WAS LIVID! I got so mad at these, I said this is the bottom of the barrel, these people are absolutely INHUMANE! I made a, I had a riff yesterday about how Alito's being forced to endure torture the way Durbin defines it. Well, I didn't know how right I was! There was real torture going on with his family and him yesterday. This is inexcusable! There's no reason for this kind of assault on a decent person's reputation and life, when it's, especially when it's a pack of lies!

HE'S OUTRAGED!! There's REAL TORTURE going on! Democrats are questioning a Supreme Court nominee and Rush Limbaugh ISN'T GOING TO STAND FOR IT!!

Now that we know what he considers to be "real torture," let's see what he DOESN'T consider to be torture:


Is Rush LIVID about this?

I'm talking about people having a good time, these people, you ever heard of emotional release? You ever heard of need to blow some steam off?



You know, if you look at -- if you, really, if you look at these pictures, I mean, I don't know if it's just me, but it looks just like anything you'd see Madonna, or Britney Spears do on stage.

Yeah, tell us some more about Family Values and ethics, pillhead.


Mikasi said...

During the early to mid-nineties I was a reporter for a daily rag called the "Monmouth Daily Review Atlas," one of the many papers owned by the Chicago Sun-Times parent company. During this time Monmouth was about 95% Republican and in the thick of Clinton Bashing. The principle media cheerleader of these efforts was Rush.

It seems like every time I went into in some small town cafe to get lunch or to meet a contact there was a TV or radio with Rush oozing out of it.

With those remembrances in mind I have to chuckle every time I hear someone take a pot shot at the President and his buds. The chuckles get even louder when the critics come up with actual indictments and force scum from office if not power.

Hmmm... maybe I ought to actually say something about what you said here. That would be correct and polite.

Limbaugh is what Rich Little once referred to as a "motor-mouthed pile of silly putty." Limbaugh is a pure partisan - he is as related to truth and journalism as he is related to health food and natural living.

He is nothing but a polyp in the fetid anus which is the Republican Party.

FYI while spellchecking this entry I discovered that "Limbaugh" is listed in the Microsoft Office spellchecker.

Sami said...

I had forgotten those pics. Stuff of nightmares. I guess the guy in the upper picture is dead. Pretty cheerful.