Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Army broken, Rumsfeld blames Clenis

Responding to news that the Army is stretched to the breaking point, Rumsfeld came down from Shaolin Mountain to blame it all on Bill Clinton:

Rumsfeld continued: "People do not understand all the changes that are taking place. Ask yourself: Do the authors of these reports really have a clear idea of what's been happening here over the past five years?

"These are the people who were here in the '90s, and what we're doing is try to adjust what was left us to fit the 21st century."

Five years after coming to power, Rumsfeld still doesn't have the Army he wants. And you know whose fault it is.

In a related story, Rumsfeld introduces his new fighting styles:

With my White Lotus Hand Jive Style, I will destroy your entire clan!

Your Tiger Lightning Kung Fu is no match for my Senor Wencas Style!


: JustaDog said...

You liberals will believe anything I swear. I guess your accusation is why the re-enlistment rate with those that served in Iraq is so HIGH.

Keep up the good work of spreading lies - the good people of the USA know where you stand!

LaPopessa said...

And this liberal knows better than to believe a bunch of never-served neo-con-led idealogs who pevert and distort the ideal of patriotism into this pitiful, "if you're not with me, you're with them" kindergarden nonsense. As a recent poll showed, 56% of the American public think Bush & crew are doing a horrible job.

The lies being spread are by Bush and his cronies. Just because you fell for it in the past doesn't mean you have to stay ignorant.

Kudos to the men and women who serve and who reinlist. I wish the Pentagon and Administration that sent you there was worthy of you.

MadManMikey said...

Don't feel bad. We
broke the weather too.