Saturday, December 17, 2005

Isn't it ironic

Cockheaded manwhore James Guckert attacked Ron Reagan Jr. on his website:

Nancy's nancy boy nixed

Ron Reagan, Jr., the embarassment [sic] that bears the name of one of the greatest American presidents is out of a job after his daytime talk show was mercifully cancelled last week. MSNBC put Reagan in the host's chair as the result of his election year masquerade as a "journalist" (btw, Twinkle-toes, what's YOUR journalism background?) proved to be a "stick in the eye" to those who revere his father.


Glass house, meet stone.


Eli said...

As long as you're always the top, you're not *really* gay.

Interrobang said...

Wow, what a bitchy little queen he is.

I doubt Ron Reagan will have much trouble getting another gig, but I wonder how the trade in DC is these days... *grin*

charley said...

how does he know it wasn't that horrid nixon whore monica?

and please don't tell me she stays, but he goes.