Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Reason #4268

Reason #4268 that bombing Al Jazeera is the brainfart of a complete moron - The Army uses it to train students at the Defense Language Institute in Monterey:

To polish their language skills and stay up to date on the culture, politics and current events of the Arabic-speaking world, students watch Al Jazeera and other Arabic-Language TV networks on each classroom’s smart board, said Ousama Akkad, chairman of one of MAS’s four Arabic departments.


For many DLIFLC students, overcoming the challenges of learning Arabic is about more than personal pride or intellectual achievement, Vassallo said.

“Sure, the workload can be exhausting and it’s sometimes hard to stay motivated. But we all know how important Arabic is to the Military and the nation, and we want to get it right,” she said. “If we make a mistake when we get to the field, it could cost lives. It’s that simple.”


BUSH! /in Jerry Seinfeld voice, ala NEWMAN!

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