Sunday, October 16, 2005

Remained resolute

I think the phrase "remained resolute" is a euphemism for "acted like a complete fucking jackass." Here are some examples:

The Weekly Standard, March 24, 2003:
Domestically, public support for the president's policy remains strong. Clear majorities, including clear majorities of self-declared independent voters, support President Bush. Even among registered Democrats, there is a slight majority supporting regime change in Iraq.

All in all, this is not a terrible state of affairs. The president has remained resolute. Momentum to liberate Iraq continues to build. The situation has clarified, and history will allow clear judgments about which leaders and which institutions were up to the challenge posed by Saddam and which were not.

Pittsburgh Post-Gazette October 09, 2004

Bush remained resolute on Iraq and said the economy was making steady progress with the help of his tax cuts. He argued that the weapons inspector's report supported his decision to overthrow Saddam.

Knight Ridder Newspapers December 5, 2000

Republicans remained resolute, in the House anyway, insisting that under the U.S. Constitution they must act to protect Florida votes before Dec. 12, the deadline for naming electors.

And finally, today's news:

The New York Times October 16, 2005

As Ms. Miller, 57, remained resolute and moved closer to going to jail for her silence, the leadership of The Times stood squarely behind her.

Just a reminder: changing your mind when you're wrong about something isn't a crime.


bcf said...

Look at it this way.

Without a few preceding "remained resolute"s, "completely and utterly collapsed" wouldn't be as rich in meaning.

Eli said...

How about "remained resolute" = "remained completely paralyzed like a deer in headlights"?

phinky said...

How about "remained resolute" is a euphemism for "he's too stupid to know better."