Monday, October 31, 2005

New York Halloween Parade Pictures

Here are some of my favorite costumes. I tried to get some pictures of the asian girls dressed up in hot S&M Cop outfits, but I couldn't get through the crowd of all the other middle-aged losers trying to take their pictures.

pac man fever
Pac Man!

princess pez
Princess Leia Pez Dispenser!

go speed racer
A really excellent Speed Racer that I couldn't get a good picture of. And, uh, something gross in the foreground.

hook em
Satan Bush! Hook 'em!


sexi jedi
Aayla Secura!

oh yeah
Duff Man! Oh yeah!

Hurricanes Rita and Katrina!
"These outfits took us about thirty minutes to make"


watertiger said...

The iPod guy is GENIUS!

ntodd said...

Aayla Secura!

My lightsabre is all tingly.

FreeThinker said...

Cool! Check out my blog for West Coast coverage!