Saturday, September 24, 2005

How many marched? Thousands

NY Times: Thousands Gather in Washington for Antiwar Rally

ABC: Thousands of Anti-War Demonstrators March in Washington As Part of 11-Hour Marathon of Dissent

Washington Post: Thousands of protesters against the war in Iraq are rallying today in Washington

Meanwhile, in the city that is commanding most of the media attention today, here's what they are reporting:

Anti-war protest draws 100,000 to Washington

Associated Press

WASHINGTON — Opponents of the war in Iraq marched today in a clamorous day of protest, song and remembrance of the dead, some showing surprisingly diverse political views even as they spoke with one loud voice in wanting U.S. troops home.


Police Chief Charles H. Ramsey, noting that organizers had hoped to draw 100,000 people, said, "I think they probably hit that."

So why does the rest of the SCLM refuse to report reality?


PoppieProng said...

well, because, that wouldn't be sporting, now, would it?

anti-war protests will always be counted in the thousands, not the tens- or hundreds-of-thousands. it sucks, but for whatever reason it doesn't happen. which is why i kinda don't see the point of marching anymore, sad to say. :(

Anonymous said...

Anti-peace protesters converged on London and Washington today to show their support for Al Qaida.