Monday, September 12, 2005

Fashion Week Photoblogging

Whenever Fashion Week comes to town, I like to drop by Bryant Park and see if I can get pictures of any celebrities. In the past I have shot Paris Hilton (unfortunately I used a camera and not a gun), Pauly Shore (ditto), Jerry Seinfeld, and Naomi Campbell. Look what I got today:

A fashionably bald woman scowls at me.

Finola Hughes, who hosts some style type show. But I remember her as Blossom's stepmother.

That Gerard Depardieu-looking guy seems more interested in taking a picture of me than Finola. Yikes!

Paparazzi gold! Jason Lewis, of Sex & The City, drags his gorgeous and talented girlfriend ROSARIO DAWSON away when she starts to make eyes at a sexy photoblogger.

Kelly Osbourne.

Some guy. I really don't know who this is, but NBC was videotaping him. If you know who it is, leave a comment. Hint: british accent.


TheaLogie said...

Tim Vincent (occasional kids' TV presenter with the BBC. May have migrated to another department since then). Just a guess.

karmic_jay said...

Nice pics man! I so dig Rosario Dawson!
Are you going to DC Sept 24?