Thursday, June 02, 2005

Nixon's past

I'm getting tired of living Nixon's past - The Minutemen, "Lost"

With Deep Throat back in the news, I keep reminding myself how happy I am that all those Nixon cronies have been written out of public life and no longer wield positions of public influence. People like

Donald Rumsfeld
Director of the Office of Economic Opportunity

Dick Cheney
Rumsfeld's assistant

Diane Sawyer
press aide, helped Nixon write his memoirs

Pat Buchanan
special assistant to the president

John McLaughlin
speechwriter and special assistant

William Safire

G. Gordon Liddy
Staff Assistant to the President

Roger Ailes
media adviser to Nixon presidential campaign

Thank goodness that Nixon left office in disgrace and we no longer have to hear about these sleazy people anymore.

updated 6/12 to add Roger Ailes

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d.K. said...

That's a good point. Also, too many of the same media folks are still around, reliving the glory of the Watergate scandal, instead of pounding the pavement for new stories/scandals.