Sunday, June 26, 2005

Good news for Jonah Goldberg!

The Army has raised their age limits, and now Jonah can put his money where his mouth is!

Army raises age limit to 42 for junior officer candidates

By Tom Bowman Tribune Newspapers

Faced with a need to expand the Army and ease recruitment problems, Army officials have decided to loosen the requirements for junior officer candidates--accepting prospects who exceed the current age limit by more than a decade, and permitting more flexibility to waive minor criminal or civil offenses, according to a memo obtained by The Baltimore Sun.

The May 25 memo, sent to division commanders and other generals, said the Army hopes to attract 300 soldiers up to age 42 to attend Officer Candidate School and become second lieutenants. Using the same age criteria, they also hope to attract an additional 300 civilians with college degrees as officer candidates. The Army National Guard and Army Reserve are working on similar programs, according to the memo.


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