Monday, May 30, 2005

Laura & Friends

U.S. first lady Laura Bush, left, and Egypt's first Lady Suzanne Mubarak stand by President George W. Bush, center, while touring the set of Aalam Semsem, or Sesame World, the Egyptian version of the popular American children's show Sesame Street Monday May 23, 2005, in Cairo, Egypt.
(AP Photo/Hasan Jamali, Pool)


Jeffraham Prestonian said...


Haw! Satisfied?

Gen. JC Christian, Patriot said...

Tell that cat to stop looking at me.

smalfish said...

Dam it Jeffraham.I was first!

Diane said...

Aw, man! You promised I could be frist!

Well, anyway, welcome back. And that cat is better looking that George, which is no surprise.

Anonymous said...

not first